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What is Nosework?

Nosey K9s

Canines have been locating bombs, drugs, and money for military and law enforcement for decades.

Canines have also been used to locate endangered species of plants and animals using their nose. They have also been used to detect bedbugs and diseases. The canine nose is 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than a human’s nose. A dog can detect a drop of sugar in an Olympic sized swimming pool. The limits of what a dog’s nose is capable of has yet to be discovered.

The canine nose is extraordinary and they love to use it.

These jobs combine rewarding results for humans with a dog’s favorite thing to do, search for stuff. Based on these real life jobs this sport has been adapted for civilian dogs. This is a sport where your dog has a voice. You have to read and listen to your dog. A very profound partnership grows out of this. Your dog will be trained to locate and alert on various essential oils that are unique and not normally found in everyday life.

Every dog no matter the age, breed, size or temperament can excel at this sport.

The training process awakens your dog’s natural instinct to catch an odor and follow it to source. More importantly the training teaches you to read your dog by watching, listening and supporting. This sport is mentally stimulating for your dog and satisfies them in ways that physical exercise cannot. This is a sport that you and your dog will begin and grow together. It requires no previous dog training experience and your dog will teach you.

Classes and Meet-ups

New classes coming soon!

Contact me to join our searches around and about Yuba City and Marysville. We set searches on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Please reach out to me for more information if you would like to join us.

nosey K9 alert on water container

NACSW Events

Award photo

National Association of Canine Scent Work, NACSW, trial information will be found here. You must be an NACSW member to enter these events. This is where you will find premiums and entry links for the events as they become available.

National Association of Canine Scent Work

NACSW Odor Recognition Test information Feb 13, 2021. Premium coming soon. Links will be posted below.

ORT Premium Feb 13 2022

AKC Events

American Kennel Club, AKC trial information will be found here. Your dog must be registered with AKC in order to compete in AKC Scentwork trials. Pure bred dogs that are not registered are welcome to register using AKCs Purebred Alternative Listing to obtain a PAL number. Mixed breed dogs can join the AKC Canine Partner program to participate in these events.

This is where you will find premiums and event information as it becomes available.

Tina and Khali AKC High in Trial

About Tina

I have created this website to expand opportunities for training and trialing outside of the greater Sacramento area.

I have been involved in training and trialing since 2014. I have 3 dogs training and competing at all levels. I am lucky enough to have Staffordshire Bull Terriers as partners in this sport. They approach the game with a serious work ethic and a dash of hilarity. Staffords believe there is no such thing as an inaccessible hide. No matter how serious and stressful trialing can be my Staffords are a constant reminder that it is really all about having fun and time spent together.

Tina and Boogie